Publicacion : Sab, Jun 18th, 2016
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Sosúa: apprehend foreigners who were filming scenes for pornographic movie in the park.

Teodora Stoyanova[—] PUERTO PLATA. The Special Body Tourism Security (CESTUR) and police seized three Americans and a Canadian, who were filming a pornographic movie scenes in the park Las Flores de Sosúa, Puerto Plata province.

Detainees are Americans Alfonso COLEMAN, 31; Todorius Dukes, 26; Joseph English, 25; and Canadian Teodora Stoyanova, 29.

According to versions, the group was staying temporarily at the hotel Sosúa Victorian House for purposes of filming pornographic movies.

The group was occupied four cellular Iphone, cameras, speakers for Iphone, a remote control camera, an umbrella for photography studios, the sum of RD $ 3.200, US $ US $ 50 and three credit cards.

The images were taken to the model in front of pedestrians who passed by the said place, which were impressed by such action and also took photographs.

The woman was wearing a pair of shorts and a tall black boots, but her bare breasts.

Foreigners were questioned by the prosecutor Dilcia Taveras, who was allegedly told him that they are professional photographers and the woman is a professional model, and they did not know who was punished this type of event in the Dominican Republic, so the judge he said facts as they did violate the modesty and decency of the country and not allowed.

The group is arrested to be made available to justice in the coming hours.

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