Publicacion : Dom, Abr 1st, 2018
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Two women die when rushing vehicle from bridge in La Romana.

[—]Two women died this Holy Saturday when the SUV in which they traveled rushed to the void on the bridge of Cumayasa 14, on the road that joins the provinces La Romana with San Pedro de Macoris.

[—]One of the victims was identified as Murphy Carol Ann, 45, who was an American.

The body of Ann was transferred to the hospital morgue Dr. Antonio Musa of San Pedro de Macoris.

However, the identity of the other woman could not be obtained, whose body was taken to the public hospital doctor Francisco A. Gonzalvo.

It is presumed that inside the vehicle there was also an infant due to the fact that they found children’s articles, so the relief agencies will continue with the search this Sunday.

The provincial director of Civil Defense, Juan José Pelegrín, reported that the search stopped at nightfall, but that it will continue today.


They identify a Haitian who died with an American in an accident on the Cumayasa bridge

The authorities handed over to their families the body of a young Haitian woman who lost her life, along with an American woman, when the SUV in which they were traveling rushed to the Cumayasa River, in La Romana.

Phelyne Kitter, 19, died with the American Carol Ann Murphy, 45, after her vehicle fell to the precipice, after breaking the guardrails of the bridge.

The American woman was taken agonizing to the public hospital doctor Francisco A. Gonzalvo of La Romana in a rescue unit of the Fire Department while Murphy was transferred to the regional hospital doctor Antonio Musa of San Pedro de Macoris.
Franco Valdez, Kitter’s uncle, said he learned of the death when he saw the images on the social network Facebook, while he was in a field in the province of Azua.

Similarly, the family does not know where the victims were going, who, according to the National Police, resided in the Los Guaricanos sector of Santo Domingo.

On Sunday the relief agencies continued the search in the place, presuming that in the SUV an infant was traveling, for some baby articles found in it, which was discarded, later.

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