A year of preventive imprisonment 5 accused of killing American teacher.

Five men received a year of pretrial detention for allegedly participating in the murder of an American teacher, in Cabarete, Puerto Plata province, on November 10

The Office of Permanent Attention Services of Puerto Plata issued the precautionary measure against the accused Juan Andújar Mella (Jeffrey), Junior Alexis Suarez (Liquidity), Euris Flores Hernández (Yikiu and / or Yito), Alexis Makenly (Makajal) and Fritzner Cheremi (Luis Gasoil and / or Chicho), who were confined to the San Felipe Correction and Rehabilitation Center. [ad id=»11330″]

The court accepted the petition of the Office of the Prosecutor of Puerto Plata after evidence was presented indicating how those involved stole and killed American professor Patricia Ann Anton.

According to inquiries made by the authorities, the five defendants coordinated via telephone to move from Santo Domingo to Cabarete with the fugitive Reyner Manuel Chirino Silva (El Venezolano), who is a fugitive.

After arriving at that tourist town, the antisocials entered the apartment of the victim who was sleeping, proceeding to gag her while she resisted, so they strangled her, stealing a television set, a cell phone and other valuables.

In this regard, the Public Ministry has indicated that the five prevented incurred in violation of articles 265, 266, 295, 304, 379 and 385 of the Dominican Criminal Code, which criminalize and punish the crimes of association of criminals, homicide and robbery. aggravated.

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