Apprehend French and a Dominican in Samana: you occupy thongs, swimwear and blouses.



SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.- The authorities of the Public Ministry reported that during an operation in the district Catanga Municipal District of El Limon Samana province, were arrested a French national Pascal Windland and Dominican Edward Gervacio Burgos, who allegedly incurred pedophilia alleged actions against three underage males aged 10, 13 and 15 years.

During a press conference led by the head of the Specialized Prosecutor against the Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons, Jonathan Baro, and the prosecutor holder Samana, Robert Fair, authorities also reported that the raid on the residence of the accused with them were found several minors and confiscated different types of evidence linking them to the fact.

It was established that the accused Gervacio Burgos, today adult nineteen years old, when he was younger, he was also abused by the French citizen, 53 years.

They said they asked 30 years imprisonment against the accused of the French nation, while also thanked the authorities of that country for the support offered in this case, noting the rapid delivery of files for corruption of minors in France corresponding to the 1985 and 1989, which were sent to the Dominican Republic promptly.


They also expressed that will alert countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Belize, Thailand and Cambodia, among others with high rates of sexual abuse, where the French national accused came regularly.

The Public Ministry has given the case the provisional legal classification of violation of several articles of the Dominican Penal Code and the Code for the Protection and Fundamental Rights of Children and Adolescents (Law 136-03), and the Law 57-07 Crimes and High Tech Crime and Law 137-03 on Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons, which define and punish acts of torture and barbarism, rape, physical, sexual and psychological abuse old, besides the commercial sexual exploitation, photograph, film or post minors in sexual acts, child pornography and trafficking of aggravated people.

By court order No. 626/2015, issued by the Court of Instruction Samana, prosecutor Robert Just holder, together with tax and Elisa Geronimo Mercedes Chaplain, led the raid that took place at the residence of the accused , located in the indicated sector.

Among the evidence seized included: one hundred and eleven pieces of clothes of children, mostly, thongs, swimwear for children and blouses; thirty sets for girls of different colors, and a lump of black color, containing within five wives, two of which were three metal toys and eight rubber sex toys and erotic bulb, an iPad, a cell DO brand touch with two different sim phone companies, and a computer brand SAMSUNG white, NP-NC11.

Similarly, by requisitioning a car HYUNDAI brand, plate A63202, red color, which was parked in the courtyard of the raided home, was seized in the glove compartment of the driver, the passport of the European Union, French Republic on behalf of Pascal Wascal Windland No. 13FV06608 passport and within a driving license in your name addressed. He was also seized in the drawer which faces the passenger seat of the driver, a tablet brand DENVER, model tac-70111, the sum of 5000 pesos, and a copy of the vehicle registration, also a lump dealt backpack containing within a camera CANON ULTRASONIC brand with an EF-S 17-55mm lens, and a memory sdhc 32 gb, brand LEXAR; a video camera brand Canon HD camera lens 70-300mm ULTRASONIC brand CANON; a camera brand CANON S120 with its battery and memory colorsdhc 32 gb., Transcend brand.

«This alleged pedophilia not lived so fixed in our country, but which visits for short periods from a few years ago and took advantage of the minors (male), to film, photograph them and abuse them,» said the prosecutor Robert Just in relation to the accused a French national, indicated that while investigating whether that kind of pornographic material was marketed.

As a result of the operation also confiscated a toolbox containing within a series of objects of sadomasochism, and a package containing an amount of $ 550, 400 pesos, 285 euros ten chargers for computers and different cameras and one alarm bell and a sensor on its packaging.

A tent, different types of footwear, adhesive tapes, various preservatives, two jaws, bracelets, belts are also held in addition to a metal necklace, a chain whips used in sadomasochistic sessions, plus several packages belts a mask, a reflector of light and false eyelashes.

After different tests in the course of the investigation, prosecutors determined that Gervacio Burgos was devoted to capture the minors to provide them the accused Pascal Windland, who equally captured, transported and was host to Minors for sexual exploitation, carrying out acts of torture and barbarity against their victims, such as hands and feet handcuffed, muzzle, flogged with whips, likewise he made oral sex performed on him.

They have also established that in their criminal actions used rubber sex objects and other instruments to photograph and film them with alleged profit or marketing of these images and videos.

All children explained in an interview with Lic. Nilka Virginia Castillo Johnson, tax attorney of Children and Adolescents Samana, who then gave him the money and took their photographs tied in thong bikini woman and also bulbs that put them on the breasts and made them model in shorts and then allegedly they committed sexual abuse.

Investigation of the case was initiated following complaints made by parents of the victims to the Public Ministry, after they realized that they handled minors different sums of money and who had allegedly been sexually assaulted.

It was reported that the Office of Samana and Attorney Specialized equipment that work in the investigations of the case and everything related to the expansion of research both nationally and internationally.

In that sense, they made a call to a citizen if one knows other victims linked to this case proceed to denounce through free, confidential line 809-200-7393 or visit the Office of Samana.

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