Punta Cana-Bavaro: French tourist found dead after being shot in hotel room.


HIGUEY, Republic Dominicana.-As we informed the National Police was found face down beside the bed the body of French national Pierre Oliver Guenard Cristian Anacleto 32 years of age, with passport number 08CV75231, which was stayed at the Hotel Room No.212 Spring.

According to the hotel manager Mauricio Ortiz Santana 40 years old, said the deceased had stayed at the hotel around 9:00 pm, on April 14 of this year, and it came back to 1:00 am and was not seen again until the maid again Dionelis Montero went to clean the room and found the body lying on the bedroom floor, after this you will be reported immediately to the National Police. At the scene of the crime was found at 1 meter and half the body a projectile mutilated and 6 meters away, two handwritten notes in French and Spanish which explained the reasons of why he killed himself, apologizing to his family for what he was do. You occupy the right hand gun 3.80 mm with the numbering TE0018, who was under the corpse.

According to the coroner Happy Tejada, the cause of his death was due to gunshot wound inlet orifice in the right temporal region and exit left atrial retro head region. This body was sent to the National Institute of Forensic Science of Santo Domingo for their respective purposes.

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By Juan Bautista Rodriguez.

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